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About Us

National Motor Training & Engineering School

NATIONAL MOTOR TRAINING AND ENGINEERING SCHOOL was established in the year 1974 in the city of Ranchi by Shree Shashi Bhushan Agarwal(now late). He belonged to the family that was amongst the first to start a driving school in India way back in the year 1911 and recognized by the British Govt. in 1914, in Kolkata.

1974 was a time when the automobile market was primarily ruled by Fiats, Jeeps and Ambassadors and was a privilege of few. Coming up from the grassroots and being a visionary, Shree Agarwal could foresee the rise in this sector and the need for good drivers that would follow. Keeping this in mind, he laid the foundation of a distinguished driving school emphasizing not only on practical driving but on all aspects namely: theoretical, mechanical and behavioural. He always said: [ अच्छी गाड़ी से आवश्यक है अच्छा चालक ] and furthermore [ वाहन चलानेवाले को कठिनाई में नहीं डालता बल्कि चलानेवाले वाहन को कठिनाई में डाल देते हैं।] Currently managed by Mr.Kalicharan Agarwal (MBA), the Institute carries forward its legacy of glory and repute.